The House at Lobster Cove

September 28, 2018

The House at Lobster Cove tells the powerful love story of a mansion, the man who once lived in it, and the woman who brought it back to life. Debut novelist Jane Goodrich recounts her fascinating journey writing the fictional depiction of Boston philanthropist George Nixon Black and reconstructing Kragsyde, a late-19th century mansion on the coast of Manchester-by-the-sea.


Jane Goodrich, a co-founder of Saturn Press, is a native of New England. A lifelong love of the 19th century has inspired her work as a designer, builder, printer and storyteller. George Nixon Black’s Kragsyde, first built on the North Shore of Massachusetts and later demolished, was rebuilt in every detail by Goodrich and her husband doing all the work themselves, on an island in Maine. Writing from a room that sits above Kragsyde’s famous arch, Goodrich has penned The House at Lobster Cove, as her first novel, a vividly imagined and historically accurate picture of a man who has long inspired her.

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Categories: History, Literature & Poetry