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The Rainbow Beard Show

June 14, 2019 @ 6:00 pm7:00 pm

The Rainbow Beard Show presents Books!

What makes a book a book? Why do we read them? Can we do anything with them besides reading? Do you have a favorite book?

At this special edition of The Rainbow Beard Show, we will look at books in ways that you have never thought possible. We may even find a way to physically ‘go inside’ of one! There will be singing. There will be dancing. There will be book reviews. There will be Special Special Guests. As always, everyone is included and together, we will put the RAAAAA!!! in ‘Rare Books!’


Ricky Katowicz is the creator and host of a live theater production for children and their families called, 'The Rainbow Beard Show'. It is both a spectacle and a classroom. Audience participation is encouraged and the shows feature recurring characters, special guests, minute-long dance parties, and a celebration of authentic feelings. People often don't know what to expect and that is in and of itself the expectation. Everyone is included!