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Annual Meeting

Members are invited to join us for a review of last fiscal year and Board of Directors elections.

EX LIBRIS: A Defense of Truth

Trolls. Disinformation. Canceling. Conspiracy theories. If America's grasp on reality seems to be under attack, that's because it is. Epistemic warfare - the use of […]

EX LIBRIS: Begin Again

Named one of the best books of the year by Time, The Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune, Begin Again by Princeton University’s Eddie S. […]

EX LIBRIS: Michael Pollan

For the past 30 years, bestselling author Michael Pollan has been writing books and articles about the places where the human and natural worlds intersect: […]

EX LIBRIS: The Salem Witch Trials

More than 300 years after the Salem witch trials, the personal tragedies and grievous wrongs that occurred still provoke reflection as we continue to reckon […]

EX LIBRIS: The Words That Made Us

When the US Constitution won popular approval in 1788, it was the culmination of 30 years of passionate argument over the nature of government. But […]

EX LIBRIS: Azar Nafisi

What is the role of literature in an era when one political party wages continual war on writers and the press? What is the connection […]

EX LIBRIS: Shouting from the Archives

The John Carter Brown Library, an independent institution located on the campus of Brown University, has held one of the world’s outstanding collections of 15th-19th-century […]

Membership Library Spotlight: The Folio Seattle

This program is reserved for members of the Providence Athenæum or another membership library. The youngest organization in the Membership Libraries Group, Folio Seattle is […]

EX LIBRIS: Central Park

With more than 800 sprawling green acres in the middle of one of the world’s densest cities, Central Park is an urban masterpiece. Designed in […]

Poetry Out Loud

Rhode Island Poetry Out Loud 2022 finalists recite classic poems at the Athenæum's annual poetry event dedicated to the memory of Charles and Deborah Philbrick […]